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What’s Going On??

WOW where has the time gone its been 8yr since we 1st start our church website and we sure have come really far since then. So with that being said its that time again to upgrade our church website again its been almost 5yr since the last re-design. We are excited to see where is re-design take us but we will be back up and running very quickly. Once we have the main pages to website backup we will make the website live again. We will continue to bring over all the other content daily and will try to get everything done as quickly as we can. Till the website is back up and running if your looking to watch our service online just click the button below.


Top Design Priorities

  • Improved Organization of Sermons

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Faster Browers Speeds

  • Better Media Management & Organization 

  • Improved Events Calendar with Notifications 

  • Website integrated into an App for Android & Apple